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Hi I’m Brad – I am one of the owners of B & G Productions! I have been doing videography for a few years now and love being behind the camera and creating stories through our work.

This all started for me when I got my first drone, back in 2018. I needed a way to edit the footage I was getting so I started to mess around with free editing software on my laptop to create short videos to share with family and friends.

In 2020, we made the big decision to buy a Cannon R6 to add in some b roll to our short videos. Everything kept growing from there!

I love to shoot anything and everything! Professional shoots, real estate, interviews, anything that can tell a story. I’m looking forward to growing our business and that I get to do what I love everyday.


Hi, I’m Gabrielle – other half of B & G! My love for photography started when I was just a child. My mom worked for a photographer so we literally grew up in front of the camera.

When I was 12, my mom gave me her old film 35mm Canon and that started my love of being behind the camera.

When I met Brad and moved to Arizona, we found a common passion in traveling. We loved adventuring and documenting our travels to share with our family and friends. This slowly turned into creating videos to send back home to show our parents what we were up to.

Flash forward to today, we’re still creating our adventure videos, but are now branching out to help others capture and preserve their memories, just as we have done with ours!

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